The Purpose of the Marketwise Trader Site

If you’ve followed the market long enough to become an ‘expert’, then like me, you’re wise because you’ve proudly lost money in most markets; Stocks, Futures, Forex. (smile) This has likely included using at least a half dozen paid trading strategies or advisory services. If you fit this definition then you are, in fact, a ‘market wise trader’. Sadly there are a hundred ways to lose money while trading or investing. This site’s purpose is to offer selective information and resources which can help the wise trader move on to the second level, as a profitable trader.

During the last two years the U.S. stock market has taken on a new personality. Some have called it a zombie or ‘bizarro’ market due to its relentless push higher despite terrorist attacks and the potential for WWIII. It seems that in addition to all the previous challenges to profiting as a trader or investor, we now face the blatant manipulation of the market by the ‘powers-that-be’. Whether it’s due to the artificial support of the U.S. government’s ‘Plunge Protection Team’ and the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, or the collusion of foreign and domestic Central bankers, the retail trader always has someone waiting to ‘eat their lunch’. The classic metaphor of the retail trader is as a little fish surrounded by financial ‘whales’. If before we were fish, now we have become plankton!

So how does the retail trader succeed in a market inhabited by voracious sharks and whales? This question has driven my personal research and trading and it has been a costly education. My thought for this site is to offer, from my personal experience, what I believe are the best resources and advisory services for the trader. I may at some future point have a separate section where I list the dogs that roam the trading community. For the moment, however, I will focus on;
a.) posting market news that highlights what I believe are the most significant events,
b.) recommendations of both free and fee-based trading advisory services that can make your trading profitable, and,
c.) the cream-of-the-crop in books and video training to educate the serious trader/investor.

I have affiliate relationships with some, but not all, of those mentioned. In the future I will add a blog and forum if interest demands it. In the interim, if you have questions regarding any of my articles or recommendations you can contact me at; is part of the Marketekom LLC Group of ecommerce sites. Lon Kaufmann AKA ‘Jesse Livermore’