Dear Trader,
Chuck Hughes is a master options trader. He had a 309.1% real time return last year – which gave him another first place finish in the World Trading Championships.

That’s one of 12 trophies he’s won so far – including eight First-place, three Second-place and one Third-place finish. The question is – how does he do it?

How does he massively outperform the market year after year?

Well – Chuck has finally confessed – the answer is…

The Three Triggers.

These are the secret targeting factors Chuck uses to select option trades. One or two firing doesn’t mean anything. But if all three strike, it signals a major opportunity.

On January 15th, the triggers identified a trade on Home Depot (HD).

The option position was then closed up a stunning 931.57%.

A mere 1,000 investment would have paid out 9,315 in profits.

See How It Works

On other occasions he’s had returns of 366.55%… 738.31%… or more. For the 34 open trades in his fully verified option portfolio – he’s had a 100% win rate.

Those trades generated total profits of 1,756,533.72.

The average return was 223.5%. So even if you only invested 500 in every trade – you still would have earned 37,995 if you’d taken every single position.

Now here’s the cool part…

Chuck wants to give YOU The Three Triggers… for FREE.

Download The Guide Here

It will only be available for a limited time. Grab it now while you can.

Chuck Hughes

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