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Welcome to Marketwise Trader! I hope that your visit has lead you to some content of personal benefit or inspiration. My intention in hosting this site is to share what in my experience are the best of the best resources for the market trader.
Like many of us the path to becoming profitable when trading Futures, options, or stocks is a challenging one. It’s wise to look for mentors and the best tools to assist in this process. Unfortunately the world-wide web provides an overwhelming sea of information and it can take years to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Finding the ‘wheat’ can become expensive. Hopefully the gleaning process I’ve provided will lead you to resources that you also find helpful.
Please contact us with any questions you have.
‘Jesse Livermore’

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Willowick, Ohio
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Jesse Livermore was a famous short-seller or ‘plunger’ a hundred years ago. He chose his own path in beating the markets and was considered both a hero and a villain. You can find a book about his life in our store, ‘Reminiscence of a Stock Operator’.
My profession has included teaching web design and computer graphics at universities on three continents. My second profession is trading the markets for the last twenty-five years.
Lon Kaufmann  ‘aka’ Jesse Livermore

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