The website MarketTrendSignals provides a daily market update using their combination of long term signals. Today’s summary is;

Market conditions are Bullish in a Bull Market as of 2016-11-28. This means traders and investors should consider trading with a Bullish bias by buying (going long) stocks, long ETF’s or Call Options. The rank of the Bull Market is 4.10. The Most recent Buy Signal came on Jun 8, 2016.

The free daily emails complement the paid subscription tools that allow daily scanning of stocks and indexes. I’ve subscribed to their service and found both the long term and short term signals accurate. On the chart, their long term signal, a green arrow, indicated the market would be bullish back in June of 2016.

Looking back, the 2016 market was extremely volatile when not expected, and then traded up and sideways longer than most expected. The long term signals provided in the Daily Market Update would have kept you bullish throughout the second half of 2016. Depending on your type of trading these signals should be complemented by those that alert to shorter term swings.