Mr. Keith Schneider, CEO at Marketguage, asks a question that is on everyone’s mind, ‘What (or who) is driving this market up despite a growing list of realities that should have sent it into at least a normal correction of 5%?’  The list of global uncertainties continues to multiply; President’s Trumps statements regarding China, Mexico, Russian sanctions, NAFTA and immigration, are added to the continuing financial tensions in the post-Brexit EU, and war in Ukraine and the Middle East. In the face of this the VIX has dropped to all-time historic lows in the 10’s. How can the markets ‘mover’s and shakers’ be so indifferent to market risk? Is this a ploy to draw in the sucker retail buyers so they can drop the hammer and sell their positions? Or, as some would propose, are we now on the brink of a move up to Dow 30,000?

Schneider goes into more detail to fill our his analysis, and recommends Marketguage’s Sector ETF advisory service.  This service has beat the SP500 by +4.2% in 2016.
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