CFRN; An Unusual Group of Traders and Mentors in the Futures Market

If you’ve followed the market and have considered subscribing to a trading mentorship program, you know the field of self-proclaimed experts is overwhelming.  If you’ve subscribed to a few you were likely ‘under-impressed’ by most.

One outfit that impresses me with their candor and dedication to teach you a successful method is at CFRN.  At their site (link on the title) you can sign up for a ten-day open house during which you will watch the traders daily trade e-minis contracts on indexes and commodities.  If you like they will let your setup their proprietary indicators on a demo account so you can follow along.

The daily profit target is to achieve a minimum of $100 using single contracts within the first hour. This is typically achieved without a problem and their past trading records are available for your review. Their methodology is based on first learning how to regularly achieve this daily goal using single contracts. After this. you can simply increase your contract size as profits support increased risk.