Your training at Top Gun Options combines the high energy of a fighter pilot with the savvy knowledge of an arbitrage trader.

Matthew ‘Whiz’ Buckley heads up one of the most profitable options trading services that I know of.  Trained at the Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as “Top Gun”, he flew the F/A-18 Hornet in combat sorties over Iraq during Desert Storm. After returning to the U.S. he built a successful career in Chicago as the managing director of strategy for PEAK6 Investments, one of the largest volatility arbitrage firms in the world. He also created the Options News Network ( and later moved on to found Top Gun Options training and alert service.  Whiz and his colleague Doug Robertson, provide balanced and intensive training via hands-on webinars, live training sessions, and live trade alerts during the week.

Building on his military training Whiz gives weekly SITREP briefs to provide a strategic overview of world events, and outline which options tactics, match the current market opportunities. There are several different training packages which range from the more conservative ‘Accelerated Retirement’, to the Weekly Options ‘Urgent Alerts’, and the ‘Full Throttle’ complete package.

The weekly training sessions take a new options trader from A-Z. Live training and posted videos take the new member from the basics of option spread types, on to the advanced strategies available to the experienced trader. SMS text alerts keep members aware of new trades and late-breaking news relevant to any open positions.  After this training you have the potential to improve your trading and work towards results like those in 2016.

Top Gun is an excellent place for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced options trader. Introductory webinars are given once every few weeks so signup here to save your seat, and to be contacted for the next scheduled webinar.