Market Analysis with Peter Temple

The Market Cycles Institute site has both free and subscription services. Peter Temple posts regular Market Forecast reports that lean primarily on the recognition of market cycles and analysis using the Elliot Wave principles. They can be found in the Market Forecast section.

Peter explains his evolution as a trader …….

The Journey to This Point

It began in 2006. I got interested in trading stocks online, and spent a couple of years or so getting a very expensive introductory education.

But something was bugging me. The strategy all seemed to be based on small patterns with no real rhyme or reason provided as to why they worked. That’s an unsettling situation for me. I have a need to understand the underlying influences, or logic. So I dug deeper.

Suddenly, I fell over Elliott Waves. The key principle of Elliottwaves is that a “trend” moves in five waves and a “countertrend” in three……
— Peter Temple